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green podcast.

The Green Podcast is a series created and produced by Cassie Hearn. Each episode features a unique guest discussing varying environmental concerns. Click on the circle to listen to the podcast!

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Zero-Waste Living

Our first episode features Green Calgary coordinators Grace Wark and Mafe Barrera, who will be discussing living a zero-waste lifestyle. With Waste Reduction Week in Canada occurring from Oct. 17 to 23, now is the time to learn some recycling tips! 

Green Calgary
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Global Warming

Oftentimes, the global climate crisis can feel like a problem for other parts of the world, as opposed to an issue Calgarians should be concerned about. According to Abacus Data, 54 per cent of Albertans believe there’s either “conclusive” or “solid” evidence that the earth is warming. 

Global Warming
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Car-Free Adventures

Carbon-free activities have a number of benefits. According to the World Health Organization, choosing to walk instead of driving reduces greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions, while also supporting one’s mental well-being. 

Car-Free Adventures
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